With lots of free time to flit around the web, comes lots of free time to see celebs and plain folk, like bloggers shill for paid posts for all kinds of things like cleanses and subscription boxes. There’s a subscription box for just about anything you want these days, from socks to science kits. I get a box for cat ladies. No, I’m not kidding. And yes, it’s awesome. Once a month, I’m delighted with a box full of trinkets, reminding me how fun it is to love kitties. It’s all basically garbage; but there’s almost always a shirt to add to the gym or pajama pile. And occasionally, there’s something worthwhile. Last time, there were adorable kitchen towels. Plus, the cats love the toys they get each month.


As anyone who knows me can attest, I’m a bit of a shop-a-holic. I call the UPS/Fed-Ex man the “present man,” because I tend to buy enough stuff that he comes bearing gifts that I’ve purchased for myself, sometimes that I’ve forgotten about. I need these presents to survive. I used to think I didn’t. But, I’ve come to accept it as part of my mental makeup. Some people need a walk outdoors, some need a chat with a friend, I need a new dress to recharge my batteries. We even have my shopping habits worked into our household budget. I cannot survive without…well…buying crap. It’s part of my makeup. One has to know oneself, right?


But, I truly have everything that I could need. In fact, I have everything that ten people could truly need. So, I thought that I might try one of these subscription box services that delivers a wider variety of products. I thought it might counter some of the shopping, if a bunch of stuff came to the door, unannounced. Overall, it’s cheaper than shopping, and it’s less effort. See, good thinking, right? I would be in anticipation of the present man, because he’d be bringing me an assortment of goodies; so, I don’t need to buy anything. Such a good thinker, I am!


So, I subscribed to FabFitFun. I had heard of it through copious advertising and seen so many bloggers do the unboxing videos. Oh, how excited they were to pull out their items and dangle them in front of the camera! Alas, full-sized products! Beauty products! Clothing! Such a combination! Seemed like a good idea.  


The first thing that happened when I subscribed was that I had to answer about forty million questions about my size, preferences, and likes, to sign up. That seemed okay, as I assumed they wanted to make sure that I would get appropriate products. The only problem with this process was that it took at least twenty minutes to set up my account. It was very time-consuming. I wish I had known it was going to take that long before I committed to the sign-up. It isn’t that I was busy, it’s just that I did it on a whim, and I wasn’t prepared for the time commitment. So, I got a little annoyed. This should serve as a little warning to anyone who is thinking of it: be prepared to really sit down and get into it, it’ll take a while.


Then…the emails started. I get no less than three to five emails a day from FabFitFun. This makes it very easy to ignore the emails that are “important,” meaning the one that allows you to log into your account and select changes to your box before it ships. You are allowed to make specific changes to your box, where applicable, which I almost missed, because the email was buried amongst the dozens and dozens of useless messages. This time, a selection, for example, allowed me to choose the color of the blanket they sent. You are also allowed to “upgrade” your box within certain time limits, and those messages can get lost amongst the rubble as well.


The biggest disappointment though was with customer service. I got my first box relatively slowly. My assumption is that it got delayed somewhere along the way, not really because of their shipping, but because of the postal service, based on the damage it incurred. Still, I don’t know, not for sure. All I know is that I’d seen several online posts of people talking about their “winter box,” and lots of people with unboxing videos days, even weeks, before I got my box. Finally, when my box arrived, it was very damaged. The whole side was crushed, and all the contents on that side were crushed. It was awful.

IMG_4081 2.JPG


I logged into the website to figure out how to contact customer service and talked to a representative. They offered me a measly $15 credit for my next box. Considering how much damage there was, I was pretty disappointed. I’m not really an idiot, at least I don’t think I am, so I wasn’t all that keen to take the offer. I get that the box is full of products that are retailing for approx. $45, but when you offer them for $10 on your next box, they aren’t really $45 products, are they? So, giving me a $15 credit, isn’t offering me much of anything, is it?

IMG_4082 2.JPG

You are basically giving me nothing. In other words, I paid full price for a box of crushed goods. This makes me feel unsatisfied and frustrated. If I went to a store, I wouldn’t pay full price for these items, so why should I pay full price for them to be delivered to my house?

IMG_4080 2.JPG


I was instructed to open all the crushed boxes. All of the merchandise was fine, inside, except for one item that was destroyed. They offered to replace the destroyed item, and still give the $15 credit for the following month, which would allow me to “shop” for add-ons for my next box. The add-ons are items left in stock from previous boxes at discounted rates. This is still a terrible deal, in my opinion. It made me feel like I was given factory seconds at full price, but I wasn’t really left any other options.

IMG_4083 2.JPG


The contents of the box are neither over, nor underwhelming. I’m happy with the blanket, and the conditioning mask is one I’ve bought for myself in the past. I’d wear the necklace they sent, but not necessarily have bought it for myself, if I’d seen it in the store; but only because I don’t really buy cheap-end jewelry. So, between products and customer service I’m left with a meh feeling, overall. Because I’ve heard that cancelling the subscription is equivalent to trying to get out of a cult, I decided to simply stay subscribed and to give it another go-round. We’ll see what the next box brings. The spring box may be filled with goodies that are incomparable. Who knows?

I do know this: they best not mess up the next box, as sick people have lots of time on their hands to complain and annoy customer service people into cancelling their accounts. So, FabFitFun, I’m watching you. I did my due diligence and looked into your customer service after this, and noticed that you have some issues. Eyes on you, now.