How to Humiliate Yourself at a Tattoo Shop

I did this thing, on Saturday.

My new clover - because Crimson and Clover is my jam

My new clover - because Crimson and Clover is my jam

I’d been meaning to do it for a while. I’ve put it off more than once because it’s kind of a big step to get your first visible tattoo. I guess you can often see my back tattoo peeking out of my clothes, but I can’t see it. I can see my peacock one coming out of my dresses, but it’s barely. This was different.


It wouldn’t have been a story without it being embarrassing or weird in some way though, right?


My artist was super cool, chill and relaxed, which was awesome. And, I loved the shop I went to. So far, I have had an artist I really loved, a shop I really liked (mostly), and now both. Perfect. This place didn’t play super loud music, which was so nice. I know that makes me sound like a stick in the mud; but tattoo shops tend to have the music so loud that it’s almost painful. When you are sitting there for hours on end, and you can’t even have a conversation with the dude who is stabbing you in the body, it’s both awkward and physically uncomfortable. Plus, this place had private spaces, with doors! Doors to hide body parts! Once you’ve had your entire side exposed to third street in Redondo Beach, you’ll appreciate the small pleasure this affords the forty-year old woman who may not have anything to hide…but wants to.


I may have mentioned in the past, that I have a chronic illness, no? Haha, right? And, that when this illness flares, I still occasionally need to take opiate pain relievers? This is relatively rare, but when I do need to take them, it really messes with my digestive system, thanks to bile salt diarrhea, a side-effect from gall bladder surgery years ago. I have to take special medicine for that too, so that I don’t immediately expel everything I eat, within instants of eating it, directly through the back entrance. It’s such a joy. But, being overly blocked from opiates, and double-blocked from those meds is a recipe for disaster. Obviously, this is a delicate balance.


About two weeks ago, I had a headache. I don’t even remember how many, enough that I felt better over the course of the few days it lasted. It wasn’t a ton, but it wasn’t one or two. It always takes 2-3 days of a steady dose. All it takes is looking at them though, and I am backed up! Thankfully, my system was back on track without the assistance of any laxatives or intervention. UN-thankfully, it got back on track the day before my tattoo appointment, and it announced its reintroduction to the world with lots and lots of gas.


So. Much. Gas.


If there were appropriate words to describe this smell to you, I would. But, let’s just be accurate, and maybe that will be description enough. A person’s bowel hasn’t moved for two weeks. Nothing. Not a peep has been heard. Not even a little guy has sneaked past the gate. So, it’s two-week’s-worth of old food, and old stool that got caught up behind the guard; all of it has just been sitting there festering. That’s what it smells like. It’s not an eau du toilette.


I had to be there at 2 pm. By 2 pm, I’d lost about 8 lbs. and gone down a full pants size. No kidding. Does everyone’s belly stretch this much? I was hoping that I was “done,” by the time I got to the shop, and had done everything I could to assure it to be so, without “stopping” the whole process back up again. Balance, people. Balance! Soooo delicate!


I’d stopped eating by 10 am. I was barely drinking. By the way, this is excellent advice for getting a tattoo. Go in starving and dehydrated. You definitely won’t pass out. Totally ignore me. If this were my first tattoo, I would be a total idiot. Even for my fifth, I was a total idiot.


Anyway, I was doing fine. I was nearly finished, when we started chatting about what the rest of his day looked like. Apparently, they’d had a Halloween special, wherein he’d been doing black cats for $40. His whole day was little black cats. I thought it was cute. We’d had such a chill and cool session, he said he’d do one really quick, if I wanted.


Sure. Why not?


“Because, you are a ticking time bomb, woman!” says my belly.


So, my arm’s all done, and while he’s setting up for the cutest black cat ever, I swing by the bathroom to pee. I’m still feeling totally fine, but as soon as I made room for the gas to move down by emptying my bladder, apparently, all bets were off. I farted myself out of the bathroom, and hoped no one would go in after me. Yep, I stunk up the bathroom at the tattoo shop. How classy of me.


In my infinite wisdom, I’d chosen my thigh for my cat, and worn overalls to the shop. In my defense, I didn’t know I’d have to take them off, but I also could’ve chosen somewhere else for the cat. Still, the minute, and I do mean the instant I pulled them down and my artist got near my thigh, the world’s tiniest but stinkiest fart escaped. Don’t think I wasn’t trying so hard to hold it in that I was visibly sweating. To his credit, he pretended nothing happened, and I died on the floor.


If there’s a God, he decided that wasn’t enough torture for me. He felt that this was an amusing little play he’d created, and wanted to see it play out a little longer. So, while my ass was stuck in this dude’s face for the next half an hour, he forced my stomach to cramp, over and over again. My poor but cheeks worked harder than they’ve ever worked before. I felt horrible.


Literally. I was afraid I would die of holding it in. If ever there were a possibility of that happening, it was that day. And, I kept picturing the moment that I couldn’t hold it any longer, when it just burst out. The artist would be startled by the sonic boom, the lines would go crazy on my tattoo. He’d pass out and die from the stench. I’d die the thousand deaths of humiliation. We’d be found by housekeeping days later, the smell still lingering. The horror.


Then, it occurred to me: this dude’s face is so close to my ass right now that he can visibly see when I’m clenching, and when I’m relaxed. Please, oh please, let him think I’m clenching because he’s hurting me. Oh, the humiliation of that moment.


When it came time to pay, I texted Bryon about the tip he thought I should leave. I ended up tipping him almost 40%. I justified it because he was cool, did a good job, and I want to have a good artist to back to…and, because I farted in his face. Anyone’s face who I fart in, deserves a good tip. I think I’ll probably still go back to him next time. I figure the amazing tip will overshadow the fart memory, right?